Activating Fortumo service

If you successfully created Fortumo service, you will notice this in your list of services:golive

This means your service is in sandbox mode – if someone send SMS to your service, he wont get reply message. Click on “Go live” button and you will see this:


Click to zoom

Notice list of countries below: “Countries going live instantly after the submission:”. When users from those countries send SMS to your service, they will get reply message – after submission, your service in those countries is instantly active.

But, for countries below: “Countries which need an approval and will stay in sandbox mode till that time:”  you will need approval for your service to become active.

Now close current popup window on Fortumo website, and follow instructions below:

To get your service approved, you need to do this:

Put SMS sending instruction on your page (website, blog, Faceboog page, etc.). Here is how instructions should look:


Send TXT FUNNY na broj 88208

Price: 25,00 KN

Podrška: [email protected] | +385 1 638 8135 Mobilni plaćanja
Tehnička podrška(davatelj usluge): Telekomunikacijske usluge d.o.o., Međimurska 28, 42000 Varaždin, MB: 070096612, OIB 12385860076. Tel: 042 500 871.

SMS sending instructions should exist for each one of the countries where your service needs to be approved.

IMPORTANT:  You can generate SMS sending instructions on our website, using this tool. After you generate instructions, copy displayed HTML code to your website

After you create and put instructions on your website, click on “Go live” button, and in new popup window enter:

1.) Address (URL) of page where instructions are displayed

2.) Short description of your project / SMS service.

Now, click “Go live” again.


Now you have to wait a few days for approval, after that, your service will be active in all selected countries.