Connecting Fortumo and EasyF

In order to get your Fortumo Premium SMS service work, you need to connect it with your EasyF account. How to do it:

  1. Login to your Fortumo account
  2. Click on “Dashboard” menu item: dashboard_select
  3. Click on your service in services list:serviceselect
  4. On the new page, find and copy secret code: secretselect
  5. Login to your EasyF account:easyfloginpage
  6. Now click on “Change service settings”:


    Click to zoom

  7. To field “Secret code” paste secret code you previously copied:pastesecretcode
  8. When you are done, click on “Save settings”:


    Saving current service settings

  9. After that, on the right side is “Service address”. Copy that address:

    Kopiranje adrese EasyF servisa (markirajte adresu, desni klik na to i

    Select address and click “Copy”

  10. Go back to Fortumo website. Click on your service, and on the new page, click on “Edit” menu item from top menu: editmeni
  11. On the new page, paste address in the input field marked on the picture below, and click “Save” (delete the old address if there is any). 


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  12. If you followed instructions, test your service now. On Fortumo website, click on your service, and click on “Test” menu item:testmeni
  13. Now, there is a testing form. To test your service (and EasyF connection), click on “Submit” button:submittest
  14. Notice what appeared below the form. If there is message you configured in EasyF, you have successfully connected EasyF and Fortumo, and your Fortumo Premium SMS service is ready!

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  15. If there is some problems in configuration, you will see message similar to one on the picture below. You need to check everythign described in this guide, find where the problem is, and test the service again.

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    Another important guide: Activating Fortumo service.