Važno: kreiranje Fortumo Premium SMS API servisa (koji je neophodan za funkcionisanje EasyF sistema), više nije moguće za sledeće države: Srbija, Makedonija, BiH, Hrvatska, Albanija, Rumunija. Međutim, servis možete kreirati ako nalog registrujete i servis kreirate putem IP adrese koja nije iz neke od navedenih država.

EasyF allows you to use Fortumo Premium SMS servies. We offer simple user interface, so your users can get reply SMS message from your Fortumo SMS service. Please read explanation on this page.

There is lot of ways to make money using Fortumo Premium SMS services, you can sell anything that fits in 120 characters of reply message.


Except this, you can find some useful tools and tutorials on our website, that can make your life easier (you will be able to create Fortumo SMS service and get him approved much faster).

We are not connected with Fortumo in any way. Our services are based on Fortumo PHP API system.